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What is cPanel Web Hosting?

CPanel Web Hosting also called cPanel hosting, offers an interface that allows users to make changes to the configuration of their web hosting account without having to access the server directly. For this reason, cPanel Web Hosting makes managing your web host account easier and more efficient than other options, allowing you to grow and run with your website more quickly than you might otherwise. This guide will help you understand. See more…

cPanel Web Hosting

How to Start Business with Web Hosting?

If you’re looking to run a website and aren’t sure how to get started, cPanel web hosting can be an excellent starting point for your business website. With cPanel hosting, it’s easy to build out a brand new website with very little technical know-how. In fact, most people can get their site running in just a few minutes using a simple control panel interface. While there are many different types of web hosting services available, we suggest cPanel because it’s so easy to use; anyone from a novice computer user to a seasoned developer will feel comfortable using it. It also comes with tons of features that make managing your site quick and efficient.

Secure cPanel Login:-

If you’re using cPanel to manage your website, then you’ll need to access it by logging in to your cPanel. You’ll find your login credentials in your welcome email from Onlive Server or from an email that was sent after you logged into your account on their main website. The default username is usually either admin or root. For added security, change your password immediately after creating a new account for yourself. It depends on how technical you are. Once your username and password are entered correctly, go ahead and click login at the bottom of any page within cPanel. Again, if you aren’t sure where to go within cPanel or how to use what’s available there – Visit – And here get a complete solution for all queries.

Resellers and Shared Hosting :-

When you want to start a website, but don’t have a piece of technical knowledge or aren’t quite ready to buy your own server (or hire someone to set one up for you), reseller web hosting is an affordable option. This type of hosting puts less stress on your computer than a shared server and is more reliable. You still have control over your site and files. If you’re new to web hosting, cPanel is an excellent choice. It’s easy to use, designed for beginners, and powerful enough for experts who want to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Advanced Features in cPanel at Onlive Server:

One of cPanel’s most popular features is its ease of use. The program’s intuitive interface (along with a wizard function) allows you to configure your web server through a point-and-click system. You’ll find a number of advanced features that provide additional control over your server. cPanel comes with two different interfaces: Advanced and Simple. You feel more comfortable navigating cPanel’s maze of options. And if all else fails? The Live Chat feature can connect you instantly with a customer service representative who will help walk you through whatever issue may be plaguing your hosting experience.

Website backups: – cPanel realizes the importance of website backup services and hence provides you one with. Then your websites go through critical errors and you can lose significant website data. But with cPanel no more worries even if an important file gets deleted It has always backup your website data with high security.

Database Management of cPanel: – One can easily trust to keep their website online round clock on cPanel database. Apart from saving your website’s data, they include sensitive details like passwords, accounts, emails, etc., and much more.

cPanel Web Hosting Additional Plans – Onlive Server

After getting a proper deep insight about cPanel web hosting, let’s know what features cPanel hosting in Onlive Server.

Web Hosting services with cPanel serve all those and in fact, more than that one can expect from an ideal web hosting plan. The features that come at cPanel hosting cost is a better deal for any small, medium, or large-scale website.

The license of cPanel comes at such a lowest price that mostly your hosting provider will be paying for the license.

cPanel hosting is so popular and so in demand and the first choice for all businesses.cPanel web hosting is known for startup new business. Irrespective of the type of hosting i.e. shared, reseller hosting, Buy Windows VPS, or dedicated server hosting, cPanel is suitable for all of them.

  • Multiple websites can be hosted under one license and thus save more dollars.
  • Adding extra functionalities with cPanel is so easy and is a single-click work.
  • Apart from backup your sensitive data, always ready to integrate external software.
  • With cPanel Web Hosting you no need to worry if you are thinking of migrating to some other host server. The transfer process is so smooth and brings a top-level of your business.
cPanel Web Hosting

Is the difference between cPanel and web hosting?

Web hosting refers to the act of making your website accessible through the internet. It is a service that requires an internet connection and the hardware. And software needed to deliver the content and store your data on your site. In comparison, cPanel is a web-based software that allows you to manage your account, create email accounts. Aand set up websites easily. The two are not the same but are separate yet related services that must be purchased together as a bunch in order to realize more user-friendly benefits.

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