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Our Cloud VPS Hosting plans instances are backed by our redundant, fault-tolerant infrastructure so you can rest assured that your online presence will be available 24/7/365 with 99.9% uptime guarantee! That’s what makes us one of the best Cloud VPS providers in the industry! Cloud VPS has many advantages that make it a very good choice for your hosting needs. Not only does it offer top-quality services at affordable rates, but it also helps you keep your costs under control while enjoying the benefits of having an online presence. If you’re looking to move away from shared hosting, Cloud VPS is definitely worth considering. This article will discuss some of the key points to help you understand what makes Cloud VPS such an attractive option when it comes to your website hosting requirements.


Onlive Server offers you amazing cloud vps hosting plans and deals at cheapest rate to facilitate your web hosting business. Our Cloud VPS plans are specially designed and created to suit varied business needs of our valued clients all over the world. Our cloud hosting services are scalable, fast and secure too that means you can host various kinds of websites on our flexible cloud hosting platform without any hassle and problem. So, get ready to get quality service at affordable price with Onlive Server today!


With the growing popularity of cloud technology, vps hosting have been added to the cloud vps category in hosting market. The world we live in today is one where everything has become virtual and online. We can use banking services, streaming services, e-commerce services, music services and so much more with just the click of a button or the swipe of our finger from  As technology continues to advance, this way of living will only become more and more convenient.


Cloud VPS provide scalable system and environment to host your application with virtualization technology to reduce cost and maintain system flexibility. Reliability plays major role in any Cloud VPS hosting from Onlive Server, we are providing high-availability solution which ensures our service delivery without interruption. It provide 99.9% server uptime with automated monitoring system and online support along with 24/7 assistance for issues resolution through live chat, email or phone call. We using the latest cloud technology to provide best on demand business solutions such as web hosting, Cloud computing, dedicated servers and managed IT services at cheapest price.

High Level of Security

What makes Cloud VPS the best? Cloud VPS offers secure, scalable, robust and reliable solutions to organizations and companies across the globe with high-end quality of IT services and support. As you can see from its name Cloud VPS or Cloud virtual private server is just like the traditional virtual private server except it’s hosted on the web using multiple servers instead of a single one which allows for higher levels of redundancy, uptime, scalability and performance than ever before. At Onlive Server we provide high-quality Cloud VPS at cheapest price so that organizations and companies can reap maximum benefits while minimizing costs.

Full Control

Cloud VPS is the new term in the hosting world. If you are still unsure about what Cloud VPS is and how it works, then don’t worry about anything because I am here to guide you about what are the benefits of using Onlive Server Cloud VPS over traditional dedicated server and some of the advance features present in Onlive Server Cloud VPS. For the sake of simplicity, I will explain everything with an example which I hope will help you to understand things better. Let’s start with example, you want to create e-commerce website.


We are providing you the best hosting service at Onlive Server. With these servers you can experience the fastest browsing and downloading speed because these servers are powerful and highly optimized. So, grab best Managed WordPress Hosting from Onlive Server without wasting your time! Book Now!


Cloud VPS has been introduced many years ago by with great features and performance. Cloud VPS are quite popular in virtualization market, due to the vast benefits of Cloud VPS Hosting many people are considering cloud vps as their primary choice to host their application and services. Onlive Server provides one of the best Cloud VPS hosting with multiple level of support at very affordable price. If you have any query related to Onlive Server Cloud VPS, please feel free to contact us 24×7 and we’ll try our best to solve your issue as soon as possible.

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