Cheap Windows VPS

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Yes, Cheap Windows VPS Hosting is the most sought-after service for hosting websites, emails, and other server applications. The main reason is that it is an affordable solution for businesses with a limited budget. Inexpensive Windows VPS allows you to enjoy a number of benefits at an affordable price. If you have ever hosted a website on your personal computer or laptop, then you know how unpleasant it is when it slows down due to traffic overload. But the Cheap Windows VPS will give you access to resources necessary for the smooth operation of your site resulting in high performance even under heavy load.

Which are The Best Ways to Select the Cheap Windows VPS?

If you would like to get Windows VPS for your internet site, you will be able to find a great deal of web hosting solutions. The best one that gives very good quality and low cost are Onlive Server. You can use a Windows VPS as an alternative to a physical server. This means that your sites and programs are hosted on a virtual server, instead of being installed and operated from real hardware. This is really the most effective way to host your websites with the least amount of effort. Once your VPS is set up, you can simply install any software and start using it without needing to worry about the underlying hardware resources.

It’s easy to say that you need a windows VPS in order for your site can run much better than before because it requires only a little space and memory. You can also get it done at an affordable price if you acquire it from Onlive Server!

What are cheap Windows VPS features?

You can find a lot of cheap Windows VPS providers and cheap Windows VPS hosting deals on the net these days. But not all of them are reliable and trustworthy, and you should take your time to compare all of them and choose the best one, whether it is cheap Windows VPS. You might want to pay close attention to the following features when you search for a Windows VPS:

1. Cheap – Cheap Windows VPS hosting is what you are looking for, so make sure that your provider offers low prices with affordable plans which include several features like Linux root access, control panel, control panel reseller, free setup, etc.

2. Reliable – Reliability is an important feature in any cheap Windows VPS provider, especially if you purchase windows server VPS with Cpanel on it. You need a hosting provider that can guarantee 99.9% uptime at least because this is what you will get with the most reliable hosts.

3. Security – Another important feature in any cheap windows VPS provider or Cpanel reseller is security. So make sure that your provider has proper security measures in places such as firewalls, DDOS protection, and more.

4. RAM – You can never have too much RAM. The more RAM your plan has, the more sites you can host and the more visitors you will have without encountering any performance issues.

5. Hard drive space – You need enough hard drive space to host whatever sites you want to host on your VPS, including any databases that are necessary for those sites. Don’t settle for anything less than 100 GB of hard drive space with your Windows VPS plan.

6. Processor speed – Some hosts choose to oversell their processor speeds, meaning that a processor will be slower than advertised even though it performs just as well as a higher.

Why Onlive Server is the best platform for Cheap Windows VPS?

Onlive Server offers a very Windows VPS with a very low monthly price. We always search for the best solutions for our customers, and from this point of view, it is really hard to compare Onlive Server with other companies that are not even in the same league. Cheap is relative since everyone has different needs and different budgets.

However, we think that cheapness should not necessarily mean low quality or limited support. Cheap should mean getting more than you pay for.


It is scalable and customizable.

It offers multiple payment options.

It has excellent security features.

It has flexible shipping policies.

It has a high level of functionality.

Conclusion: If you have some cash, I would highly recommend Onlive Server’s Windows VPS and Cheap Linux VPS Hosting service. This is an excellent way to get a high performer of a virtual private server without breaking the bank. The experts should always be able to find a solution to the complex problems of their clients within initially given time frame because they are well-qualified, they possess good knowledge and they stick to the deadlines.