Italy Dedicated Server

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable hosting environment, look no further than Onlive Server. We offer high-performance hardware that will enhance your productivity. Our Italy dedicated server plans are among the most competitive on the market. We offer a wide range of features that meet your needs, all at very affordable prices. Don’t hesitate – to contact us today to get started!

Get a Reliable Hosting Environment

It is one of the most renowned and trusted hosting providers globally. We offer high-performance hardware and software at very affordable prices. You can have a reliable hosting environment with us and take your productivity to new heights. With our Italy dedicated server plan, you can enjoy a wide range of features and benefits not available with other providers. We also provide very affordable prices compared to others with lots of features. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and enjoy the best Italy dedicated server hosting experience ever!

The Lowest Price Compared to Others

It is the perfect choice when looking for a reliable and affordable hosting environment. We offer high-performance hardware and a very competitive price, making us the ideal provider for businesses. We offer a wide range of facilities that meet your unique needs. With our company, you can get the cheapest and most reliable Italy dedicated server hosting with many features.

Lots of Features

It is one of the leading hosting providers globally that provides reliable and high-performing hosting solutions. Their Italy dedicated server plans are perfect for businesses that require high performance. And want to reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure. They also offer a more comprehensive range of features than other hosting providers, making them the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Control Panel Option

It gives you a wide range of control panels to choose from. You can select one as per your requirement. cPanel is the most popular choice used by millions of users globally. It offers a graphical interface that makes website administration easy, even for those not tech-savvy. Plesk Panel is another widely used control panel. It provides a plethora of features and helps in managing websites effectively. If you are looking for something different. You can choose from other options available on the online servers.

Easy to Upgrade

One of the benefits of choosing a dedicated server hosting plan is that it is easy to upgrade. If your business grows and you need more power and storage, it’s easy to add resources. You are not limited by the features or capabilities of a shared hosting plan with a dedicated server, and you can customize your environment to meet your specific needs. And if you ever need help upgrading your server, our expert technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.


It offers reliable and high-performance Italy dedicated server hosting plans. That is customizable for your specific needs. You can choose from various hardware configurations and operating systems. Letting you build the correct server for your business. Additionally, all plans come with a wide range of features, including unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, etc. Our Italy dedicated server hosting plans are some of the cheapest, making them an excellent value for your money.

High Processing Power

The processor is the heart of any computer implemented on a server. The higher the server’s processing power, the faster it can handle requests for websites and applications hosted on it. The company’s An Italy dedicated server provides high-performance hardware. That can quickly meet the demands of your business or organization. You’ll enjoy smooth operation and increased productivity with servers built for speed.

High-Performance Hardware

If you’re looking for a high-performance, full-featured Italy dedicated hosting plan, look no further than Onlive Server. Our programs provide enterprise-grade hardware and the latest software technology, backed by our high-performance network and 24/7 technical support. Plus, we offer the lowest prices in the industry.


Onlive Server is one of Italy’s best providers of dedicated server hosting services. They offer a wide range of servers with different specifications to meet your specific needs. Plus, their customer service is excellent. They provide a wide range of tools and features to make your experience with their servers as smooth as possible. So if you are looking for an affordable and reliable Italy dedicated hosting server service.