Onlive Server is one of the best Russia VPS hosting providers because they provide top-notch services at affordable prices. Their technical team works 24*7, so if you need help or support, they can assist you the day or night. They have servers in different locations worldwide, so it is easy for people from other countries to access their services with no issues.

It is a super-fast shared Russia VPS Server service for business that needs to use their website efficiently and want pure performance. We always give the best performance to our valued customers by using the latest SSD storage, dedicated IP addresses, and RAM, with other components including redundant network connections, etc.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a hosting service that allows you to run your server on the Internet. Instead of having your dedicated physical server, you have an entire virtual server with all the resources and software you need to be built. You don’t have to buy or manage hardware, software, or other resources.

How to define VPS Server Hosting?

Onlive Server for Russia VPS hosting with your web hosting needs. Rather We are a 100% trustworthy Russian-managed company platform that provides you with the best, including cheap VPS hosting and reasonably priced dedicated servers in Moscow, Russia. Our tech support is always on 24/7 to help solve any issue associated with our services.

VPS Features

It is a web hosting company that offers robust and fast VPS servers. Rather Our servers are available in dedicated and shared hosting packages, ensuring you have all the resources you need to run your business.

  1. Portability –A virtual private server is a virtual machine you can install on your hardware. You can move it from one server to another or even create a backup copy of your virtual machine and use that as a replacement.
  2. Security –Your VPS is more secure than shared hosting because it has its dedicated physical server, with its IP address, instead of sharing the same IP address with other websites or applications.
  3. Scalability –You can increase or decrease the resources allocated to your virtual server by adding or removing RAM, CPU cores, and disk space. This means you can scale up or down based on your needs without waiting for someone else to upgrade their servers first!
  4. Reliability –Your VPS is backed up by our 24/7 monitoring team and will be restarted automatically if any issues occur during regular operation (such as over-heated CPUs). If something goes wrong during your service, we will usually be able to fix it quickly!
  5. Cost Control –You only pay for what you use, so if you only need half the resources, you only pay half the price!

Multiple Linux OS Choices with Full Root Access

We have been in the IT industry for many years and have built our reputation on providing high-quality services at affordable prices. The latest technology powered our servers to ensure maximum up-time. We offer various Linux OS choices, including CentOS, Dębina, Ubuntu, etc. Rather  With these choices, you can install your favorite application and make it work smoothly.

The benefits of a VPS Server

Russia VPS Server is an ideal choice for growing businesses looking for high performance, low latency and stability. It delivers the speed and power you need to provide your website and applications to your customers. With a VPS Server, you can serve thousands of simultaneous users without a sweat. It also offers complete control over your virtual machine environment, so you get the freedom to install any software you want, such as WordPress or Magento.

The benefits of a Russian VPS Server are many and varied, but the most important ones are:

  1. High Performance
  2. Immutable, Secure, and Reliable Servers
  3. Root Access to the Server
  4. 24/7 Support from Our Expert Team
  5. Greater speed and reliability
  6. Fully managed
  7. Scalable resources
  8. Affordable pricing

High-quality SSD Driver

The SSD Driver is a software component of the virtualization system that allows the virtual machine to access the storage device directly. The driver can be installed on any operating system and is used to increase performance and reduce latency for a particular type of storage device.

Technical Support

24/7 Live Chat Support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any issues that you may have with Onlive Server. Rather We will do our best to solve your problems within the hour.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

It provides you with a choice of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. You can choose between the two depending on your needs. Rather For example, if you have many users who need to access the server from different locations, it is better to go for an address with more IP addresses. And if you are using this server as a backup host for your other servers, Rather then it is better to use one that offers more lessons to avoid interruption in service.


Onlive Server is an excellent choice if you want a reliable and stable Cheap VPS Server in Russia. It provides outstanding performance and excellent support. Their prices are very affordable as well.