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Do you run an online business and have high-traffic websites that need to be accessible 24/7? If so, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain your service while keeping your costs in check. Many businesses turn to unmanaged VPS hosting, but because they don’t have control over their resources, they don’t get the speed or efficiency they need from their server. That’s where Onlive Server’s Canada VPS Server comes in!

Faster response time of your Canada VPS Server

Onlive Server has optimized the Canada VPS server to meet the best performance possible. It provides you with highly reliable service and faster response time. With access to SSD storage, you can expect significant gains in website load times. No other company will provide you with this level of service. They have included KVM virtualization as well as an OpenVZ Linux operating system. You can also choose from Windows or RDP VPS Server as your platform. These are the most popular options. For ultimate control, you should opt for KVM VPS server hosting. That way, you can set up how many CPUs you want to be allocated to your machine and how much RAM they should have at their disposal. If this sounds like something that might interest you, then please get in touch with us today!


VPS Hosting is the perfect solution to improving website performance. A VPS Server host will provide highly reliable service and faster response time. The server’s hardware is of top quality, so your website will be more responsive when you choose this option. VPS Hosting is also available with both Windows and Linux operating systems so that you can customize your business’s needs.


KVM-based Virtual Private Servers provide the best performance possible. With an Onlive Server, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands and will have a quick response time. It provides highly reliable service and faster response time, which helps your business run smoothly. If you are interested in obtaining this type of service, then please give me a call. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about it. Please call us so we can go over all the details with you!


Canada VPS Server is basically like having your server in the cloud. This means that you get to control everything about it and have complete access to anything on the server. Suppose you’re using a Windows or Linux-based operating system. In that case, you can log into the server with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or SSH and install any software you want without affecting anyone else. If you use an SSD VPS, storage space will be at a premium because of the size of these drives. It’s usually best to choose a VPS with more than 256GB of storage space if possible since this will allow for more growth. The more bandwidth your website has, the faster it’ll load and serve pages to users worldwide.


You have various types of servers to choose from. You should go for the gaming VPS if you want a gaming server. It is a type of cloud-based service that is available in Windows and Linux versions. Onlive server has been providing the best quality services to their clients and never compromises on their performance. They provide you with highly reliable service and faster response time, resulting in more satisfied customers.

The Canada VPS Hosting provides an affordable option for purchasing your Virtual Private Server. They come equipped with all the tools that your websites, like storage VPS would require, windows VPS or Linux VPS, or virtual private server, and this will help boost your website performance so it can reach its full potential.


Onlive Server has optimized the best performance possible. If your website is growing in large numbers and you want to receive the best possible response, then you should consider a Canada VPS server. It provides you with highly reliable service and faster response time. When you choose this service, you get an IP address that will be routed through Montreal. This type of server has many advantages, including less latency, faster response times, and much more dependable connection speeds.

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